Who’s Gabbing and Who’s Gushing

Frosty morn

Posted on November 30, 2015 by MaryBeth Schwartz, Sister #46

It has been very cold out this way. To us anyway. 18degrees F this morning and right now this evening it is 22F. Brrrrr Dark out and every star in the sky is twinkling-- it is so beautiful
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Forms…Do we have to love ‘em?

Posted on November 30, 2015 by Wanda Sturrock, Sister #3399

How did America go from ‘the land of the free’ to the land of the form?

I am hard pressed to think of many things we can do today without filling out a form. And those things would probably all be considered the very basics of nature. But, who knows? One day we may need a form, or permit, to do those, too.

Think about it. The demand for forms begins before we’re even born. Mothers-to-be must fill out forms with questions demanding everything from the date of her first burp to the cause of death of her relatives going clear back to…Noah!

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Fill your cup with the right stuff

Posted on November 30, 2015 by Mary Jo Boyd, Sister #5559

I am a very fortunate women. My husband brings me my coffee every morning and it is the best coffee ever! No kidding...I always compare every cup of coffee against his and none have ever come close. I have tried coffee shops, diners, gas stations...even making it myself and I just can't capture that same flavor and taste. I am always hopeful, but after that first sip I am left feeling disappointed. My husband says it is because he adds a little love to every cup...que Awwws. But it is true that when my cup is filled with the coffee he makes it is just better.

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The color of South Dakota winter

Posted on November 30, 2015 by Penny Adler, Sister #6205

Most of the time when we think winter in South Dakota, we think of the white snow and windchills! Yikes! Don't miss those!

But when I think of South Dakota in winter, it brings to mind a palette of blues, browns, and whites.

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My dining room is complete!

Posted on November 29, 2015 by Rachel Hayden, Sister #5159

Slowly getting this new house decorated. Ever since I bought the vase now sitting on my new dining room table, I envisioned a maritime theme for my dining room. I went to Olde Central Antique Mall down the hill in Port Orchard today and came home with the decorations I needed to complete my theme. I love it! Next to finish is the guest room, which will be done in a Pacific Northwest theme.

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